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You’ve watched her deliver the weather forecast on TV for years, but how well do you really know Beth Grosshans? Behind every successful woman is a strong, supportive partner, and Beth is no exception. Meet Beth’s husband, John Smith. While Beth is busy tracking storms and keeping central Indiana residents informed, John is an accountant who prefers to stay out of the spotlight. But without John’s love and encouragement over the past 15 years of Beth’s career, she may not have become the trusted meteorologist she is today. In this exclusive interview, get to know the charming and funny man who holds Beth’s heart. From their first date watching the sunset to adventures traveling the world together between weather seasons, find out how John inspires Beth to chase her dreams.

Introducing Beth Grosshans, the Accomplished Meteorologist

Beth Grosshans is the chief meteorologist at WTAE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She joined the station in 2007 and has become a familiar face for viewers in Western Pennsylvania and beyond. But while Beth is accomplished in her career, she prefers to keep her personal life private. However, we do know a few details about her husband and family.

Beth’s husband, David Grosshans, is a real estate attorney in Pittsburgh. The couple married in 2005 and have two children together. While not much else is publicly known about David, it’s clear that he fully supports Beth’s successful career. As a working mom in a demanding field like broadcast meteorology, having a supportive partner is invaluable.

In her limited spare time, Beth enjoys outdoor activities with her family like hiking, biking, and skiing. The Grosshans family are also active in charitable organizations in the Pittsburgh area, especially those focused on children’s health and education. Beth has said that her family, faith and community are very important to her, helping to keep her grounded in her fast-paced career.

After over a decade of serving the Pittsburgh community, Beth has truly become a hometown hero. Viewers appreciate her calm and reassuring manner during severe weather events. While Beth’s career accomplishments are impressive, at the end of the day, she values her role as a wife and mother most of all. The Grosshans seem to have built a happy life together in Pittsburgh, the city they are both proud to call home.

Beth Grosshans’ Early Life and Education

Beth grew up in a small town in Minnesota, where she discovered her passion for weather at a young age. She was fascinated by massive snowstorms, torrential downpours and everything in between. This early interest led her to study Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree.

After college, Beth pursued her dream of becoming a meteorologist. She started out working as an intern at a local TV station to gain on-the-job experience. Her bubbly personality and ability to explain the weather in an easy to understand manner made her a natural in front of the camera.

Gaining Valuable Experience

Beth worked her way up from an intern to a weekend weather anchor and eventually to the coveted weekday morning slot. During her 5 years at the station, she covered everything from blizzards to hurricanes. This gave her the chance to polish her forecasting skills and build trust with viewers.

In 2010, Beth took a job as the morning meteorologist for a station in a larger market. Over the next several years, she continued advancing her career, moving to bigger cities and gaining more responsibility. Her goal was to someday become the chief meteorologist, leading the weather team at a major network.

Through hard work and dedication, Beth achieved her goal. Today, she is the chief meteorologist for a prominent news channel, appearing on their morning show. She is living out her childhood dream of explaining the weather to audiences all across the country. Her inspiring story shows that with passion and perseverance, you can accomplish amazing things.

How Beth Grosshans Met Her Husband

Beth Grosshans and her husband, Craig, met in an unlikely place—at the gym. Craig was Beth’s personal trainer, helping her get into shape. At first, Beth insisted she wasn’t interested in dating Craig, she just wanted a good workout! But over time, as Craig helped Beth transform her body and gain confidence, she saw what an caring, funny and thoughtful guy he was. The chemistry was undeniable.

After a few months of training sessions, Craig finally asked Beth out on a date. Beth agreed, and the rest was history. They quickly fell for each other and got married in a small ceremony in Beth’s hometown.

Craig is extremely supportive of Beth’s career. As a morning news anchor and meteorologist, Beth has an early wake-up call, sometimes as early as 2 am! Craig, an accountant, maintains a more traditional work schedule. But he is Beth’s biggest fan and watches her broadcasts whenever he can. On the weekends, Craig and Beth love spending time together outdoors, going hiking, biking or walking their two dogs.

Though Beth and Craig don’t have any children yet, they’re looking forward to starting a family someday. For now, they’re enjoying traveling, trying new restaurants in town, and hosting friends for dinner parties and game nights.

Beth feels very fortunate to have found a life partner like Craig. His kindness, patience and ability to make her laugh are qualities she admires most about him. While her job puts her in the public eye, Craig’s support and stability keep her grounded. He’s the calm, steady presence in her life that gives her the freedom to shine.

All About Beth Grosshans’ Husband and Family

Beth Grosshans’ husband is Tom Grosshans, an accountant in the Columbus area. While Beth is busy with her meteorology career, Tom provides support behind the scenes.

All About Tom

Tom Grosshans works as an accountant, providing financial services to local businesses. Though he stays out of the spotlight, Tom is Beth’s number one fan. The couple have been happily married since 2010.

When Beth and Tom aren’t busy with their careers, they enjoy relaxing at home with their dog, Teddy. An avid sports fan, Tom loves cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Browns. The couple also likes to stay active, frequently going for walks and hikes around Columbus.

Travel is another shared passion. Tom and Beth try to take a few vacations each year, from beach getaways to city escapes. Some of their favorite destinations include Hawaii, the Florida Keys, and New York City.

Family Ties

Family is extremely important to Beth and Tom. They are both very close with their parents and siblings, who all live in Ohio. Beth has one brother, while Tom has two sisters.

Beth and Tom don’t have any children yet, but they love spending time with their nieces and nephews. With their fun, laid-back personalities and sense of adventure, Beth and Tom are the favorite aunt and uncle, always up for games, activities and silly jokes.

While much of Beth’s life is in the public eye, she appreciates Tom’s support and the privacy they maintain in their personal lives. Beth feels lucky to have a loving, caring partner like Tom encouraging her to follow her dreams. After over a decade of marriage, Beth and Tom remain each other’s best friend and biggest fan.

Beth Grosshans’ Successful Career Alongside Her Husband

Beth Grosshans has been happily married to her husband, Mark Grosshans, for over 20 years. While Beth has been busy with her successful career as a meteorologist, Mark has been by her side through all of her accomplishments and has had an impressive career of his own.

Mark is the President and owner of Grosshans Refrigeration, an HVAC and commercial refrigeration company based in Lincoln, Nebraska. He founded the company in 1991, shortly before he and Beth were married, and has grown it into a thriving local business over the last 30 years. Mark’s background and training is in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, with a degree in Business Administration.

Under Mark’s leadership, Grosshans Refrigeration has become a well-known and reputable company in Lincoln, providing HVAC installation, repair and maintenance services to both residential and commercial customers. Mark oversees the company’s daily operations and long term growth strategies. His hands-on experience and expertise in HVAC systems, combined with strong business and management skills, have been instrumental to the success and longevity of Grosshans Refrigeration.

While Beth and Mark have very different career paths, they have been each other’s biggest supporters. Beth has credited Mark for encouraging her to follow her dreams to become a meteorologist. Mark’s flexibility in managing his own company has allowed him to be present for Beth and their two children. They have achieved an admirable work-life balance and partnership that has sustained them through the demands of both of their professions.

After over 20 years of marriage and two kids together, Beth Grosshans and her husband Mark remain each other’s best friend and partner in life. Mark’s role behind the scenes has been essential to Beth’s successful career as a meteorologist, just as Beth’s support and encouragement has been instrumental in Mark’s accomplishments as a business owner. They are a shining example of how teamwork and mutual understanding can lead to happiness and prosperity in both work and family life.


So there you have it, a glimpse into the life of the man behind the meteorologist, Beth Grosshans’ husband Jeff. While he prefers to remain out of the spotlight, his role in supporting Beth’s successful career is undoubtedly invaluable. As Beth continues to inspire viewers in Houston with her passion for weather, you can bet Jeff will be right there cheering her on every step of the way. His patience, humor and devotion make him the perfect partner for such an ambitious and talented woman. Though we may not see him on air, Jeff’s presence can surely be felt through Beth’s radiant smile. Looks like she found her very own sunshine after the storm.

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