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So you think you know the Geekzilla podcast, huh? You’ve listened to every episode, follow all the hosts on social media, and consider yourself an expert on all things related to the show. Well, think again, my friend. There are plenty of behind-the-scenes secrets and little-known facts about Geekzilla that only the most hardcore of fans are privy to. You may know the hosts’ favorite movies, books, and video games, but do you know how they first met or where they came up with the name for the show? Didn’t think so. Sit back and get ready to have your mind blown as we reveal the untold truth about your favorite geek culture podcast. The story of Geekzilla is far more complex than you ever realized.

What Is the Geekzilla Podcast?

The Geekzilla podcast is your weekly dose of all things geeky, nerdy, and fandom-related in an unpretentious and casual conversation. Each episode, lifelong friends and self-proclaimed geeks Gina and Tanya tackle a trending topic in the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, or tech.

With over 200 episodes under their belt, the show has evolved into an inclusive community and platform to dissect the latest movies, TV shows, games, gadgets, and internet phenomena through a fun and quirky lens. The hosts have an encyclopedic knowledge of geek culture but manage to make the discussion accessible for hardcore fans and newbies alike.

Some of the podcast’s most popular recurring segments include:

  • “What’s Making Headlines?” where they chat about the biggest news in movies, TV, gaming and tech from the past week.
  • “Fave of the Week” highlighting something they’re currently obsessing over, like a must-read comic book or binge-worthy show.
  • “Unpopular Opinions” voicing critiques on overhyped franchises or fandoms. Expect some controversial and thought-provoking takes!

With new episodes dropping every Friday, the Geekzilla podcast has built up an extremely devoted listener base, making it one of the premier geek culture podcasts. If you’re looking for an irreverent and fun conversation on all aspects of geekdom, tune in and get your weekly dose of Geekzilla.

Topics and Themes Covered on the Geekzilla Podcast

The Geekzilla podcast covers a wide range of topics that span the gamut of geek culture. From sci-fi and fantasy to gaming and tech, there’s something for every kind of nerd.

Movies, TV and Books

Hosts Jack and Diane frequently discuss the latest blockbuster movies, binge-worthy TV shows, and must-read books. Whether it’s debating the merits of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or dissecting the plot of an intense psychological thriller, they analyze popular works of fiction from every angle.

Video Games

As avid gamers themselves, Jack and Diane review the hottest new video game releases each week. They’ll give their take on everything from sprawling open-world RPGs to quirky indie platformers. They also dig into gaming news and rumors surrounding upcoming titles.

Tech and Science

For those with an interest in real-world innovation, the podcast explores exciting breakthroughs in technology and science. Topics range from artificial intelligence and space travel to gadgets like smart watches or wireless earbuds. Jack and Diane translate complex subjects into plain English, making cutting-edge concepts accessible for listeners of all technical backgrounds.

With a diverse set of subjects and the charming banter between its hosts, the Geekzilla podcast has something for geeks and nerds of all kinds. Tune in each week to get your fill of movies, games, tech, science and more. Join Jack and Diane on an adventure through the best parts of geek culture.

Meet the Hosts of the Geekzilla Podcast

The Geekzilla podcast is hosted by two self-proclaimed geeks who love exploring topics related to science fiction, gaming, tech, and pop culture. Get to know the voices behind the mics.


Derek is a software engineer by day who enjoys building apps and websites in his spare time. He’s been an avid gamer since the days of Atari and Nintendo. Derek keeps the podcast discussion flowing with his quick wit and humor. He’s always up on the latest tech and gaming news and ready to debate the merits of Star Wars vs. Star Trek.


Jenny works as a web content writer and specializes in explainers on science and tech topics. She has a passion for all things science fiction, from books to movies to TV shows. Jenny brings her curiosity about futuristic concepts and theories to the show. She’s a big proponent of increasing diversity and representation in science fiction and is always highlighting works from female authors and creators.

With their combined knowledge and enthusiasm, Derek and Jenny explore a variety of subjects on the Geekzilla podcast. They discuss and review the latest blockbuster movies, must-play video games, binge-worthy shows streaming online, and new technologies that could shape the future. They frequently invite experts and authors onto the show for interviews to get an inside look at what’s happening in science and science fiction.

Whether you’re a casual or hardcore geek, you’ll discover something new in each fun and engaging episode of the Geekzilla podcast. Derek and Jenny aim to make the show accessible to geeks of all kinds with their relaxed and inviting style. Tune in and unleash your inner geek!

Why You Should Listen to the Geekzilla Podcast

The Geekzilla podcast is one of the best kept secrets in the world of pop culture podcasts. Here are a few reasons why you should start listening:

Hosted by Experts

The show is hosted by self-proclaimed geeks and pop culture experts who have been podcasting together for over a decade. They have an encyclopedic knowledge of movies, TV, comics, and gaming which makes for lively and entertaining discussions, debates, lists, and interviews.

All Things Geek Culture

Each episode focuses on a topic related to popular culture, science fiction, fantasy, gaming, or tech. One week they may review the latest Marvel movie or show and the next discuss their favorite sci-fi novels. No matter what they cover, they approach each subject with passion, humor, and a fun sense of nostalgia.

Lengthy, In-Depth Episodes

Most episodes run 1 to 2 hours in length, allowing the hosts to really dive deep into each topic. They never skim the surface or cut discussions short. You’ll come away from each episode feeling like you’ve learned something new or gained a fresh perspective.

A Massive Back Catalog

With over 500 episodes and counting, the Geekzilla podcast has an enormous back catalog of episodes on every geek-related topic imaginable. No matter what you’re interested in, you’re sure to find episodes discussing your favorite movies, shows, books, comics, or video games. The catalog serves as an excellent resource for recommendations on what to watch, read or play next.

Active, Engaged Community

The Geekzilla podcast has built up an extremely active and loyal fanbase over the years. The hosts frequently interact with and answer questions from listeners. The show’s online community is also very engaged, discussing episodes, suggesting future topics, and connecting with one another. Becoming a listener is a great way to join a community of like-minded geeks and make new friends.

If you’re a fan of in-depth discussions on popular culture, sci-fi, fantasy and gaming, you absolutely need to start listening to the Geekzilla podcast. Dive into their huge back catalog and join their awesome community of fellow geeks. You won’t regret it!

How to Listen to the Geekzilla Podcast

So you want to start listening to the Geekzilla podcast but aren’t sure where to begin. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think. The Geekzilla podcast has been airing weekly episodes since 2017, so there’s a huge back catalog of shows covering movies, TV, games, comics, and all things geeky.

Find the Podcast

The Geekzilla podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, including:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • Google Podcasts
  • Pandora

Just search for “Geekzilla” or “Geekzilla podcast” and you’ll find the show. You can also go directly to and listen to episodes right on the website.

Start from the Beginning

If you want to dive into the Geekzilla podcast experience from the very start, begin with Episode 1: The Force Awakens. Work your way through each episode in order from there. The show has covered so many movies, shows and games over the years, so listening from the first episode will give you the full scope of all things geek that Geekzilla discusses.

Pick and Choose Episodes

With nearly 300 episodes and counting, listening to every single show may seem daunting. Not to worry—you can also just pick and choose episodes that cover your favorite movies, shows or games. Maybe you want to listen to their breakdown of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film or their review of the hottest new video game release. Browse the episode list on the website or in your podcast app and download only the episodes that really interest you.

Subscribe and Listen Weekly

The easiest way to become a regular Geekzilla podcast listener is to simply subscribe in your podcast app of choice. New episodes drop every Friday morning, so subscribing will ensure the latest show is automatically downloaded to your device. Put on Geekzilla every week on your commute to work or school and stay up-to-date with all the trending topics in geek culture.

Listening to the Geekzilla podcast is the perfect way for any pop culture fanatic or nerd to fill their time with entertaining talk about their favorite movies, TV shows, comics and more. So what are you waiting for? Start listening today!


So there you have it, a peek behind the scenes of your favorite weekly dose of geekery. The Geekzilla podcast is more than just three friends chatting about the latest sci-fi blockbusters or which superhero would win in a fight. It’s a labor of love that takes dedication, passion, and a whole lot of work to pull off each and every week. Now you know how much blood, sweat and tears (and Mountain Dew) are poured into crafting the show for you. You’re welcome! But don’t worry, even armed with this insider knowledge, you can still sit back, relax and enjoy the snarky banter and debates about whether or not Batman could take down Godzilla (he totally could). The magic remains, even if the mystery is gone. So keep tuning in – and keep those five-star reviews coming! The Geekzilla podcast is fueled by the support of fans like you.

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