Have you ever come across a link that asks you to “activate” it before it will play? If so, you’re probably wondering what exactly activate means and why it’s asking you to do that. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your confusion. links are actually YouTube video links in disguise. The domain is owned by YouTube and is used to shorten and track YouTube links. When you come across a link, YouTube wants you to activate it by clicking it and signing in to verify your age and comply with their terms of service before the video will play. Once you activate the link, it will redirect you to the full URL for that video and you can watch as usual. It’s a quick extra step, but at least now you know what’s going on behind the scenes and why YouTube wants you to activate those links.

What Is

So what exactly is It’s a link shortener – a tool that takes long URLs and shrinks them into shorter ones that are easier to share on social media or messaging apps.

How Works

When you enter a long URL into the website, it generates a new shortened link for you. For example, if you enter “”, might shorten that to “”.

Much easier to share, right? But here’s the really cool part – when someone clicks that shortened link, it automatically redirects them to the original long URL. It’s a win-win!

Why Use a Link Shortener?

There are a few key benefits to using a link shortener like

  1. Shorter links are easier to share on social media where character counts matter.
  2. Tidy, compact links look more professional and are more likely to be clicked.
  3. You can track how many people click your links when you use a link shortener. provides basic analytics and metrics for all the links you shorten.
  4. Short links are easier to remember. If you’re promoting a product, service, or video, a short memorable link is very useful.
  5. Shortened links won’t break if the original URL changes in the future. The short link will simply redirect to the updated long URL.

So next time you want to share a link on social media or elsewhere, give a try. Short, sweet, and oh so convenient!

How to Use to Shorten YouTube Links

Have you ever come across an interesting YouTube video and wanted to share just that specific part with a friend? links make it easy to share and view snippets from longer YouTube videos.

How to Create a Link

To generate a link, head to and find the video you want to share a portion of. Below the video player, you’ll see a “Share” button. Click that and then select the “Start at” option. This allows you to choose the exact time in the video where you want your link to start playing.

For example, if there’s a really funny 30-second part that starts 1 minute and 30 seconds into the full video, you’d enter 1:30. You can enter the time down to the second. Once you’ve selected your start time, click “Copy” to copy the link to your clipboard.

How Viewers Can Use Your Link

When someone clicks a link you’ve shared, it will take them directly to that video on YouTube and automatically start playing at the time you specified. They can then continue watching the rest of the video from that point on if they choose.

Using links is an easy way to share short clips and highlights from longer YouTube videos with friends or on social media. Your viewers don’t have to hunt for the part you want them to see. The link does the work for them!

Next time you want to share just a portion of a YouTube video, give a try. Your viewers will thank you for it.

The Benefits of Using

The URL shortener offers several benefits for those who use it.

Convenience links are extremely short and easy to remember, type, and share. Instead of a long, complicated URL with lots of numbers and letters, gives you a short link that redirects to the original site. This makes it ideal for sharing on social media, email, text, and anywhere else.


When someone clicks your link, the system records information like the date, time, location, device, and browser. This allows you to see how many people clicked your link, where the traffic is coming from, and other useful stats. You’ll gain valuable insight into how people are finding and engaging with your content.


Customize your links to match your brand. You can pick a custom word or phrase to use instead of the standard format. For example, if your company is called “Acme,” you might use This helps build brand recognition and gives your links a professional look and feel.

Reliability is a trusted link shortening service used by individuals and companies worldwide. The links are very stable, so you don’t have to worry about them changing or breaking over time. Once you create a link, you can feel confident sharing and promoting it knowing that it will work for a long time.

Using is a simple way to make your links more shareable, trackable and brand-able. The convenience, insights, and customization options provide benefits for personal and business use alike. Give a try and see how it can help optimize your links!

How to Activate Your Link

So you’ve created your own custom link, but now you need to activate it to start sharing and tracking your content. Activating your link is quick and easy.


Head to to begin the activation process. You’ll enter the custom link you created, for example Provide your name, email, and password to set up your account.

Verify your email

Check your inbox for an email from and click the verification link inside. This confirms your email is valid and associated with your new account.

Customize your link settings

Once verified, you can customize settings for your link like:

•Adding a custom thumbnail image to display

•Choosing the type of content it points to (video, article, product, etc.)

•Setting up tracking and analytics to see how people are interacting with your content

•Connecting your social profiles so people can follow you directly from your link

The options available depend on the type of content your link points to. Play around with the different settings to optimize it for your needs.

Start promoting your link!

Your link is now activated and ready to share with the world. Promote it on your:

  • Website
  • Social media profiles
  • Email newsletters
  • Business cards
  • And anywhere else to drive more traffic to your content!

The link shortener makes it easy to track the performance of all your promotional efforts in one place. See which social networks drive the most traffic, find your most engaged followers, spot content that resonates with your audience, and more.

Activating and customizing your link is the first step to unlocking these powerful insights and sharing your content far and wide. Double check that all the information is correct, and you’re ready to get started. Happy promoting! FAQs: Common Questions Answered

You’ve probably seen links on YouTube that start with but weren’t sure exactly what they were. links are simply YouTube’s shortened URLs, used to make sharing videos on social media or elsewhere on the web more convenient.

Why does YouTube use URL shorteners?

YouTube introduced links to make sharing videos on social media and messaging apps easier. Full YouTube URLs can be long, cluttered and not very attractive. links are short, clean and more shareable. They also allow YouTube analytics to track how people are accessing and sharing videos.

Are links safe? links are official YouTube links, so they are safe to click. They simply redirect to the actual YouTube video URL. However, some spam or scam messages may contain links to trick people, so use caution if the message or sender seems suspicious. As with any link, be wary of unsolicited messages.

How can I get a link for my YouTube video?

You don’t need to do anything to get a link for your YouTube video. YouTube automatically generates a short link for every video uploaded to the platform. You can find the link on your video’s watch page, below the regular YouTube URL. You can then share this shortened link on social media or anywhere else. Viewers who click the link will be redirected to your YouTube video.


So there you have it, an overview of what activate is and how it works. By now you should feel

more familiar with this handy YouTube URL shortener and understand why so many YouTubers and viewers prefer using links. Whether you’re a content creator looking to optimize your YouTube marketing or just an avid video watcher, activate can save you time and make sharing and accessing content more efficient. Give it a try next time you want to share or find a YouTube video. You’ll be activating those links in no time and joining the crowd of people who have discovered this simple but useful tool.

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