Hey there, have you ever wondered about that mysterious Twitter account that seems to know about every gaming deal and restock before anyone else? We’re talking about Wario64, of course. Ever wish you had an inside source for the best gaming deals on consoles, games, accessories and more? Well, consider your wish granted. Wario64 is the all-knowing, all-seeing gaming deals guru who spreads the best offers far and wide. Over 300,000 followers and counting rely on Wario64’s tweets to snag the hottest deals.

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the world of Wario64. We’ll explore who’s behind the account, how they’re able to discover the best deals so fast, their impact on gaming retail, and tips for following Wario64 to make sure you never miss out on a deal again. The story of Wario64 is a fascinating one in the world of gaming retail and ecommerce. Stick with us to get the full scoop on the Twitter account that’s saved gamers millions and reshaped how we shop for the latest consoles and titles.

Who Is Wario64? The Origins of the Famous Twitter Account

Wario64 is the internet alias of an anonymous video game deals hunter and Twitter personality. This mysterious figure has become famous in gaming circles for tweeting out the latest gaming deals, discounts, and announcements as soon as they drop.

Wario64’s real identity remains unknown. The account surfaced on Twitter in 2009, posting gaming news, rumors and the occasional meme. Over time, Wario64 shifted focus to sharing red-hot gaming deals and discounts, from sales on the latest blockbuster titles to clearance prices on gaming accessories.

Deal-hunting fans eagerly await Wario64’s tweets announcing price drops on must-have games and gear. Thanks to Wario64’s eagle-eyed deal-sniffing, you have a shot at scoring big savings on gaming essentials. You never know when Wario64 might tweet out a 50% off coupon for a coveted new release or spotlight a flash sale on a premium gaming headset.

Wario64 has become a trusted source for gaming bargains, amassing over 700,000 Twitter followers. Wario64’s popularity has endured because the account consistently provides a useful service to the gaming community. Deal-hunting gamers can count on Wario64 to alert them anytime there’s an opportunity to save on their gaming passions.

While Wario64’s true identity remains a mystery, their dedication to helping fellow gamers find the best deals is clear. For deal-savvy gamers, following Wario64 on Twitter is a no-brainer. With Wario64 on the case, you’ll never miss another gaming deal again!

How Wario64 Became the Go-to Source for Gaming Deals

Wario64 has become the unofficial king of gaming deals on Twitter. How did this happen? It all started around 2009 when Wario64 began posting the latest gaming deals and steals on Cheap Ass Gamer under the handle @CAGWario64.

Building a Following

Over time, Wario64 gained a loyal following of deal-hunting gamers who appreciated the time and effort put into finding the best prices on games and consoles. By 2013, @CAGWario64 had over 50,000 followers, demonstrating how valuable these money-saving tips had become to the gaming community.

Branching Out

Eventually, Wario64 branched out from Cheap Ass Gamer and created a separate Twitter account, @Wario64. This allowed for more frequent deal updates as well as the ability to post deals from a wider range of retailers, not just those focused on gaming.

A Trusted Source

Today, @Wario64 has over 700,000 followers and has become a trusted source for the best gaming deals across major retailers like GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon. Wario64’s secret is simple: provide the gaming community with the latest verified deals as soon as they become available.

While the identity of the person behind @Wario64 remains unknown, their dedication to helping fellow gamers save money has not gone unnoticed. For deal-hunting gamers, following @Wario64 is a no-brainer. The next gaming deal of the day could be just a tweet away!

The Impact of Wario64 on the Gaming Community

Wario64 has become somewhat of a legend in the gaming community. This mysterious Twitter user is known for posting links to hard-to-find gaming deals, consoles and accessories the second they become available for purchase.

  • Their tweets have allowed countless gamers to snag PlayStation 5’s, Xbox Series X’s, and rare collectibles like amiibos during times of limited supply. Wario64’s constant scouring of websites and stores for the latest offerings and fastest way to checkout has proven invaluable.
  • The impact of Wario64’s account on the greater gaming space has been huge. They’ve built up over 700,000 followers and gained the trust of gamers worldwide. Wario64 is seen as a source for scoring the best gaming deals. Their posts often lead to certain products selling out in minutes as their followers rush to take advantage of the offers.
  • However, Wario64’s popularity and influence has also led to frustration. Because their tweets send massive amounts of traffic to stores all at once, it can overload websites and actually make it harder to purchase items. There is also criticism that Wario64’s posts mainly benefit resellers who buy up products just to resell them at a higher price.
  • Still, for dedicated gamers diligently trying to buy the latest consoles and games, especially during shortages, Wario64 is a must-follow. They’ve become a staple of gaming culture and have had an undeniable impact on the community. While their tweets may occasionally cause headaches, Wario64 is ultimately trying to help fellow gamers on their quest to obtain the hottest new gear.

Love them or hate them, Wario64 isn’t going anywhere. They’ve cemented their status as a prominent figure in gaming and will likely continue alerting gamers to the best deals for years to come.

Controversies and Criticisms Facing Wario64

As with any popular social media influencer, Wario64 has faced some controversies and criticisms over the years. Some of the main issues revolve around:

Bots and Resellers

Some followers argue that Wario64’s tweets often lead to limited stock being bought up quickly by resellers using bots. These resellers then turn around and sell the products at highly inflated prices, preventing regular consumers from buying at the initial price. Wario64 has denied using any bots personally and says there’s little that can be done to prevent resellers from taking advantage of deals. However, critics argue Wario64 could implement measures like tweet deletion after a short time to reduce bot activity.

Affiliate Links

Wario64 frequently includes affiliate links in tweets, meaning he earns a small commission when people buy products through those links. Some see this as deceptive, arguing Wario64 is profiting off alerting people to deals. However, Wario64 points out that affiliate links are clearly marked, he needs to earn a living somehow, and people are still getting a good deal. It’s an ongoing debate with valid points on both sides.

Lack of Organization

With tweets coming at a rapid pace, some followers find Wario64’s feed to be disorganized and overwhelming. It can be hard to find specific deals or products. Wario64 has made some attempts to organize, like creating separate Twitter lists for different product types, but his main feed remains largely chronological. Some have suggested implementing a deal tagging system to make it easier to search past and current offers.

Overall, while Wario64 has built up a loyal fan base, his popularity and influence have also led to various criticisms over the years regarding bots, affiliate links, and organization. There are arguments to be made on both sides of these issues, and Wario64 continues to make gradual improvements to address concerns when possible. But his rapid-fire style is not for everyone, and the controversies are likely to continue as Wario64’s following grows.

The Future of Wario64: What’s Next for the Gaming Deal Guru

Wario64 has come a long way since first posting gaming deals on Twitter back in 2009. Their following has grown exponentially, and Wario64 has established themselves as the go-to source for the best gaming deals and discounts on the internet. But where do they go from here?

Expanding Into Other Areas

Wario64 may look to expand into other areas of technology and entertainment beyond just gaming in the future. Lots of their followers are also interested in deals on streaming media devices, 4K TVs, headphones and other electronics. Wario64 could start posting deals they find for some of these adjacent product categories to serve their audience even better.

Building a Website

While Twitter has been instrumental in Wario64’s success, a dedicated website could help take things to the next level. A website would give Wario64 more flexibility and control over their content. They could post deals that don’t have to adhere to Twitter’s character limit, include images, link to the products and retailers, and better organize everything by product category, brand or price. Wario64 could also potentially make money from affiliate marketing programs and sponsorships on their own website.

Expanding to Other Social Platforms

Wario64 has a huge presence on Twitter, but could also grow their following on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. These other channels provide opportunities to reach new audiences, post content in different formats, and further establish themselves as the top source for gaming and tech deals across the internet. Building up their presence on multiple platforms also gives Wario64 more security that if anything were to happen to their Twitter account, their audience and influence wouldn’t disappear overnight.

The future looks bright for Wario64. With an already massive and devoted following, expanding into new areas, launching their own website and growing on other social platforms could take their success to a whole new level. No matter what direction Wario64 goes from here, their mission will likely stay the same – helping people save money on the products they love.


So there you have it, the full story behind the mysterious Wario64. While his true identity remains unknown, his impact on the gaming community is undeniable. Thanks to his tireless deal hunting and giveaways, Wario64 has saved gamers countless hours of time and money. He’s become a bit of a legend in gaming circles. If you’re looking to score the best gaming deals or maybe even win some free loot, give Wario64 a follow. You never know, you might just get lucky and snag a sweet deal or prize thanks to everyone’s favorite deal-hunting hero. Keep up the good work, Wario64, wherever you are! We salute you.

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