Ever feel like you’re constantly chasing the latest fashion trends or gadgets, only to end up with a closet full of clothes you never wear and a pile of electronics you rarely use? What if there was a better way to live that left you feeling content and fulfilled while spending less? Welcome to the world of frugalidade.

Frugalidade is a Portuguese word that roughly translates to “frugalness” in English. But it’s really more of a lifestyle – one focused on simplicity, mindfulness, and purposefully choosing to spend less so you can live more. If you’re tired of excess consumption and clutter overwhelming your life, frugalidade could be the antidote. This lifestyle is all about stripping away the nonessential, stopping endless accumulation, and instead channeling your time and money into the things that really matter like relationships, experiences, and community. Ready to declutter your life and discover the freedom of enough? Frugalidade might just be the way.

What Is Frugalidade? Defining the Concept

Frugalidade is a lifestyle focused on simplicity, mindfulness, and purposeful living. At its core, it’s about spending less and being content with fewer material goods.

Living modestly

Frugalidade encourages you to live within your means and avoid excess. This could mean cutting out expensive hobbies, eating out less, and finding low-cost entertainments. The goal is to spend money only on the things that really matter to you.

Being resourceful

People living a frugal lifestyle try to make the most of what they already have access to. This might involve activities like:

  • Repurposing used items
  • Borrowing items from neighbors instead of buying new
  • Growing some of your own food
  • Developing skills to do tasks yourself instead of paying for services

Valuing community

Frugalidade places emphasis on relationships over money or material gain. Some ways to strengthen community bonds include:

  1. Sharing resources with others
  2. Bartering goods and services
  3. Volunteering your time for a good cause
  4. Hosting clothing swaps, potlucks, or other community events

By embracing frugalidade, you can declutter your life, save money, reduce waste, and focus on the non-material aspects of wellbeing. It’s a journey toward what really matters: experiences, relationships, and purpose.

The Principles and Values of Frugalidade

To understand frugalidade, you need to grasp the principles and values behind this lifestyle.


Frugalidade embraces simplicity. It’s about focusing on what really matters – relationships, experiences, health and personal growth. Frugal people avoid excess clutter, cluttered schedules and lavish material goods. They choose to live with less.


Frugal people see value in everything and find creative ways to solve problems. They reuse and repurpose items, fix things instead of replacing them, and find inexpensive solutions and alternatives to spending money. Resourcefulness is about making the most of what you have access to.

Financial responsibility

Key to frugalidade is gaining control of your finances by budgeting, reducing debt, and spending money on the things that really matter to you. Frugal people spend less than they earn, save money regularly, and make financially responsible decisions.


Frugal people value relationships and community. They tend to share, trade, and barter goods and services with others. Frugalidade fosters a spirit of cooperation and interdependence instead of excessive individualism.

By embracing simplicity, resourcefulness, financial responsibility and community, you’ll be well on your way to the frugal lifestyle. Give frugalidade a try – you might just find it leads to more freedom and fulfillment.

How to Practice Frugalidade in Your Daily Life

Living a frugal lifestyle means finding ways to spend less and save more in your everyday life. Here are some tips to help you practice frugalidade:

  • Cook more meals at home using whole ingredients instead of eating out. Cooking at home is not only better for your wallet but also your health. Focus on staples like rice and beans, and produce that’s in season.
  • Buy generic or store brand items instead of name brands. Many times there is little difference in quality and you can save 30-50% off the price. Stock up on sales of non-perishables.
  • Use public transportation, walk, bike or carpool when possible. This can save thousands per year in gas and parking fees. If driving, plan efficient routes and errands to avoid excess travel.
  • Find free or low-cost hobbies and entertainment like hiking, visiting museums with free admission, borrowing books from the library, or playing board games with friends.
  • Buy secondhand clothing, books, and furniture. Shop yard sales, thrift stores, and online marketplaces for bargains on pre-owned goods. You can often find quality items for a fraction of the retail price.
  • Pay off debt and don’t take on new debt. Interest charges are one of the biggest drains on your finances. Make extra payments on high-interest debts like credit cards to pay them off faster.
  • Learn basic skills like sewing, carpentry, gardening and auto repair. DIYing and making things yourself saves money and gives you useful life skills. You’ll feel empowered by your newfound abilities!

Practicing frugalidade in these ways can help ensure you live within your means, become less wasteful, and find greater financial freedom. Make saving money a habit and way of life. Your budget and the planet will thank you.


So there you have it, frugalidade in a nutshell. Embracing a lifestyle of frugalidade isn’t about deprivation or sacrifice, it’s about making the most of what you have and finding richness in simplicity. By spending less on the things that don’t really matter to you, you free up time and money for the things that do. You gain a greater sense of freedom and abundance. Give frugalidade a try – start small by cutting out just one or two excess expenses from your budget this month. See how it makes you feel, and how your relationship with money starts to change. You might just find yourself wanting to take it further.

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