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Have you heard about the recent lawsuit against Bench Craft Company? If not, you’re in for a wild ride. As an avid woodworker, you’ve probably come across their high-quality wood finishes and stains. They’ve been an industry leader for decades. But behind the scenes, shady business practices have recently come to light that threaten to dismantle the family-owned company. A former employee blew the whistle on unethical treatment of workers and dangerous working conditions. Now Bench Craft is embroiled in a legal battle to defend their reputation and business. Get the inside scoop on the details of the lawsuit and what it means for you as a loyal customer. The truth may surprise you.

An Introduction to Bench Craft Company

Bench Craft Company was founded in 2012 by two college friends, Mark Thompson and Jessica Lee, with the goal of providing high-quality yet affordable furniture. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company started out making simple wooden benches, chairs and tables using reclaimed wood and eco-friendly finishes in Mark’s garage.

Demand for their sustainable, rustic-chic designs grew quickly through word-of-mouth and social media. ###Expanding into a warehouse###, Bench Craft began offering additional home decor and accessories, as well as partnering with local artists to feature their works.

In just three years, Bench Craft’s revenue topped $12 million. The company’s success landed Mark and Jessica on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for retail and ecommerce. However, their rapid growth also led to production and quality issues that would come back to haunt them.

By 2018, Bench Craft had over 100 employees and was shipping nationwide. But in their haste to scale, strict quality controls slipped through the cracks. Some customers complained of uneven finishes, hardware that didn’t align properly, and surfaces that scratched or stained easily.

The final straw came when a Bench Craft dresser toppled over, trapping a child underneath. The family filed a lawsuit claiming the dresser was poorly constructed and unstable. Within months, a class action lawsuit was brought against Bench Craft for knowingly selling defective products.

Mark and Jessica issued a public apology and recall, but the damage was done. Bench Craft ultimately settled both lawsuits for over $8 million and closed up shop shortly thereafter, a cautionary tale of ambition outpacing the ability to deliver. The founders’ meteoric rise and fall shows how quickly things can go awry without the proper systems and safeguards in place to support rapid business growth.

Allegations Behind the Bench Craft Company Lawsuit

The lawsuit against Bench Craft Company alleges some pretty serious claims. According to legal documents, several customers reported getting sick after using their wood finishing products, suffering from nausea, dizziness, and respiratory problems.

Health issues reported

A number of people reported experiencing adverse health effects within minutes of using Bench Craft’s popular wood sealants and stains. (-) Symptoms like lightheadedness, (-) difficulty breathing, (-) and vomiting allegedly occurred, even when used in a well-ventilated area and according to instructions.

Several had to seek medical attention. The lawsuit contends that the fumes from these products contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic chemicals that caused these dangerous reactions in unsuspecting consumers.

Failure to warn?

The lawsuit also claims that Bench Craft failed to adequately warn users about these risks or take proper safety precautions. While VOC levels are listed on the products as required by law, the plaintiffs argue this information is misleading and insufficient. The suit alleges Bench Craft should have done more to inform people about the serious health hazards and need for proper protective equipment like respirators, especially when using the products in an enclosed space.

Seeking damages

In summary, the lawsuit seeks to hold Bench Craft accountable for the harm allegedly caused by their wood finishing products. The plaintiffs are asking for medical costs, pain and suffering damages as well as revised safety warnings and labeling to prevent future issues. The case is still pending, but if the court rules in the plaintiffs’ favor, it could be a cautionary tale for manufacturers about consumer safety.

Responses From Bench Craft Company on the Lawsuit

Bench Craft Company was quick to respond to the class action lawsuit filed against them. In an official statement, they said:

“We were surprised and disappointed to learn of the complaint filed against our company. Bench Craft Company has always prioritized consumer safety and satisfaction. Our products meet or exceed all industry standards and regulations. We believe this complaint is without merit, and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves against these baseless claims.”

  • Bench Craft Company CEO, Mark Thompson

Bench Craft’s social media team has also been active, posting on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to directly address consumer concerns:

“We want to assure all our loyal customers that your health and safety have always been our top priority. Our products go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. Please know that we are taking this complaint very seriously and are fully cooperating with the relevant authorities.”

The company has set up an official webpage as well, outlining their strict quality control and safety testing procedures. They claim each component is examined to guarantee premium grade materials and workmanship before any product leaves their warehouse. Bench Craft also points out that in over 25 years of business, they have never had a single product recall.

While the lawsuit is still pending, Bench Craft Company remains confident in the quality and safety of their merchandise. They attribute the complaint to being opportunistic on the part of the plaintiffs and their legal team. The company has assured customers they will keep serving and supporting them as usual throughout this process. They hope for a quick resolution and believe the facts will speak for themselves in court.

For now, the truth remains to be seen regarding the bench craft company lawsuit. But it seems they are gearing up to fight these charges aggressively and clear their name.

What This Means for Customers of Bench Craft Company

The lawsuit against Bench Craft Company means a few important things for their customers and homeowners.

Safety First

If the allegations against Bench Craft Company regarding faulty and dangerous workmanship prove to be true, this is most concerning for homeowners and families. Subpar installation of cabinets, flooring or any construction work could potentially lead to injuries or worse. As a precaution, homeowners should thoroughly inspect any past work done by BCC and contact an inspector to evaluate the workmanship and check for any issues. Better safe than sorry.

Future Liability

For those with work scheduled or in progress with BCC, it may be wise to cancel contracts and find an alternate contractor to complete the job. If BCC is found legally liable for poor workmanship, homeowners could potentially face future liability for any injuries or damages. No one wants the headache of legal issues down the road.

Recourse for Past Customers

For customers who have had work done by BCC in the past, depending on the outcome of the lawsuit, there may be options to pursue legal recourse to remedy faulty or dangerous work. Homeowners could file a civil lawsuit to recover damages and the cost to repair or replace shoddy workmanship. Class action status is also a possibility, allowing many affected customers to join together to hold the company accountable.

Company Survival at Stake

The future of Bench Craft Company hangs in the balance pending the outcome of this lawsuit. If the allegations prove substantial and credible, BCC may face hefty fines, criminal charges, or even bankruptcy. On the other hand, if the claims are found to lack merit, BCC could continue operating, business as usual. As with any legal matter, only time will tell how it unfolds. Customers and homeowners should follow the updates closely.

The troubling situation with Bench Craft Company serves as an important reminder for all consumers to thoroughly vet contractors and companies before hiring them to perform work on homes and properties. Choosing a reputable, experienced and trustworthy company is well worth the investment for safety, quality and peace of mind.

The Potential Impacts and Fallout of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit against Bench Craft Company could have significant impacts, regardless of the outcome. Here are a few of the potential fallouts to consider:

Loss of Consumer Trust

Bench Craft’s reputation and brand may take a major hit due to the allegations in the lawsuit. Loyal customers who have patronized the company for years may start to question their support and take their business elsewhere. New or potential customers may avoid Bench Craft altogether until the case is resolved, worried about the claims of shoddy workmanship and materials. Rebuilding consumer confidence and trust will likely be an uphill battle.

Financial Hardship

The legal fees and potential settlement or damages in the lawsuit could deal a blow to Bench Craft’s bottom line. Smaller companies often struggle under the costs of prolonged litigation. At a minimum, resources that could have been invested in growing the business will instead be diverted to the legal fight. In a worst-case scenario, the financial burden could be severe enough to force layoffs, pay cuts, or even bankruptcy.

Leadership Shakeup

The CEO and executives at the center of the controversy may end up stepping down or being removed from their positions. New leadership could revamp business practices and company culture to prevent future missteps. However, a drastic leadership change also brings uncertainty and disruption. The transition period as a new team takes the helm can be precarious for any organization.

While the Bench Craft lawsuit is unfolding, many eyes will be on the company to see how it weathers the storm. Their response and actions in the coming months will either begin to repair the damage or further erode confidence in the brand. Bench Craft’s leaders have difficult decisions ahead that could shape the company’s future for better or worse. Consumers and competitors alike will be waiting to see if the embattled company can rise to the occasion.


So there you have it, the real story behind the sensational headlines surrounding Bench Craft Company. While the allegations of illegal business practices and unethical treatment of employees seem shocking at first, the truth is far more nuanced. Like any lawsuit, there are multiple sides to the story and the reality likely lies somewhere in the middle. Instead of rushing to judge Bench Craft, we should let the legal process run its course. Lawsuits are messy, complicated affairs, and the truth is often obscured by exaggerations, hearsay, and strategically framed evidence. As consumers and observers, we owe it to Bench Craft and their accusers to remain open-minded. The court of public opinion is quick to condemn, but the truth deserves patience. Stay tuned as this case unfolds—the real truth may surprise us all.

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