summoned to a parallel world many times chapter 1

So there you were, minding your own business when a mysterious hooded figure appears before you in a flash of light. “You have been chosen,” the figure intones in a gravelly voice. Before you can ask any questions or protest, a blinding portal opens and sucks you in. When you open your eyes, you find yourself in a strange yet familiar landscape. It looks like your world but subtly different, like someone has tweaked reality. You wonder if this is all just a strange dream, but it feels utterly real. This has happened so many times now in so many different parallel worlds that you’ve lost count. Will you ever make it back to your normal life? At this point you’re not even sure what normal is anymore or if your old life even exists. All you know is that the portal will open again soon and a new adventure in a new parallel world awaits. The life you knew is gone, but the multiverse is vast and filled with infinite possibilities. This is your life now, forever bouncing between parallel dimensions. What a wild ride it’s been, and it’s only just getting started!

Overview of Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times

Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times follows Hajime Nagumo, an ordinary high school student in Japan. His life changes forever the day he is summoned to a fantasy world as a hero. Unlike in other isekai stories where the hero gains overpowered abilities or skills, Hajime starts off weak but relies on his wits and modern knowledge to survive in this new world.

  • Hajime is summoned to Tortus along with his classmates as heroes to save the kingdom from the demon race. However, Hajime is the weakest of the heroes with the least magical ability. He is seen as useless by his peers and the kingdom.
  • After a failed attempt to defeat a demon in a dungeon, Hajime is left for dead by his classmates. He falls into the abyss but survives and finds himself in the deepest levels filled with dangerous beasts and monsters.
  • Hajime relies on tools and tricks from Earth to defeat the beasts and gain strength. He creates powerful artifacts and gains immense physical abilities, becoming overpowered in his own way. Now an outcast in Tortus, Hajime lives by his own rules.
  • Although summoned as a hero, Hajime walks the path of a rebellious outcast. He helps and hinders both the humans and demons in Tortus as he pleases. Hajime simply lives freely doing as he desires in this new world, no longer bound by the rules of the summoning.

Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times subverts the popular isekai genre with a unique overpowered outcast protagonist. The series follows Hajime’s adventures in Tortus as he lives unrestrained by any allegiance, shaping the world through sheer will and might. If overpowered loners are your thing, this isekai story delivers.

Introducing the Main Character

You wake up to find yourself in a strange yet familiar room. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, memories of your ordinary life fade as you realize this is not your usual bedroom. No, this is the summoning chamber – you’ve been called to the parallel world again.

Your role as a summoner

As a summoner, you have a special ability to travel between dimensions. The leaders of this world call upon you when your unique skills and knowledge are needed to solve problems regular citizens can’t. It’s a big responsibility, but also a thrilling adventure.

  • Your summons usually come without warning, whisking you away from your normal life to a land filled with magic and mystery.
  • You never know if you’ll be gone for days, weeks or even months before being returned home. Time moves differently here.
  • While the work is often dangerous, you can’t resist the chance to explore this exotic realm and expand your arcane abilities.

Your mission

This time, you have been summoned to track down a rogue mage who has been terrorizing villages with foul magic and dark creatures. The leaders believe only a summoner would have the power and wit to overcome his evil sorcery and bring him to justice.

Failure is not an option. The safety of this world depends on your success. You steel your nerves, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. Adventure calls – the quest begins!

Summary of Chapter 1 Events

Summary of Chapter 1 Events

In Chapter 1, you find yourself summoned to a parallel fantasy world for the first time. After selecting your character class and attributes, you awake in a strange land surrounded by medieval villagers. They greet you enthusiastically, believing you are “the hero of legend” meant to save them from the evil forces terrorizing the kingdom.

Though confused, you have little choice but to play along. The village elder fills you in on the necessary backstory. An evil sorcerer has taken over the nearby abandoned castle and is commanding an army of orcs and trolls to raid surrounding villages. Many innocent lives have already been lost.

As the alleged hero, the responsibility falls on you to infiltrate the castle, defeat the sorcerer, and restore peace to the kingdom. No pressure, right? The villagers provide you supplies for your quest before sending you off with a heartfelt goodbye.

On your journey to the castle, you face dangerous beasts and bandits at every turn, relying on your wit and whatever skills you chose for your character to overcome each obstacle. After a close call with a three-headed serpent, you finally reach the castle, only to find it heavily guarded by the sorcerer’s minions.

Utilizing stealth and strategy, you make your way into the castle keep. At last, you come face to face with the evil sorcerer himself. An intense battle ensues, magic and weapons clashing. Just when defeat seems imminent, you unleash a final attack, vanquishing the sorcerer once and for all.

With the sorcerer defeated, his army disbands and flees. The villagers rejoice as you return to them as their hero. Though you long to return home, the village elder insists you stay to rule over the kingdom you saved. And so begins your reign in this strange yet familiar world.

Key Takeaways From Chapter 1

Chapter 1 introduces you to the main character and sets the scene for an exciting adventure in a parallel fantasy world. Here are the key takeaways from this first chapter:

The Protagonist’s Ordinary World

You learn about the protagonist’s normal life as a high school student named Hiro. He seems to live an average existence with close friends and enjoys reading fantasy novels, hinting at his thirst for adventure.

The Inciting Incident

The inciting incident occurs when Hiro is summoned to a parallel world through a portal in his school’s storage room. He meets a mage named Leila who explains that she summoned him to help save her world from the threat of the Demon Lord. This event disrupts Hiro’s ordinary world and launches him into a new adventure.

Call to Adventure

Leila extends a call to adventure to Hiro, pleading with him to help defeat the Demon Lord who is terrorizing the land. Although hesitant at first, Hiro’s desire for excitement and heroism is sparked. He agrees to help Leila by undertaking a quest to obtain a legendary sword, the only weapon capable of defeating the Demon Lord.

Crossing the Threshold

By stepping through the portal into the parallel world, Hiro crosses the threshold into the special world of the story. His old world is left behind as he ventures into this new land full of danger and the unknown. Hiro has passed the point of no return and committed himself to the quest, for better or for worse.

Meeting Allies and Enemies

Hiro meets both allies and enemies in this new world. His ally is the mage Leila who summoned him, but he also encounters enemies in the form of the Demon Lord’s henchmen who try to thwart his quest for the legendary sword. More allies and enemies are sure to appear as Hiro’s adventure continues.

The first chapter sets the foundation for an exciting story filled with magic and danger. Hiro has been transported to a parallel world where he must go on a quest to obtain a powerful sword, gain allies, and confront dangerous enemies on his journey. The adventure is just beginning!

What to Expect Next in Chapter 2

What to Expect Next in Chapter 2

In the next chapter, things are going to get even more interesting for our protagonist after being summoned to this parallel fantasy world. Based on what we’ve read so far, here’s what you can likely expect:

  • More details about this strange new world will be revealed, including information about its inhabitants, environments and potential dangers. The protagonist will have to quickly learn how to navigate in this unfamiliar place.
  • Additional characters will be introduced, some who may become allies or foes. There will probably be opportunities for action-packed fight scenes or displays of magic as conflicts arise.
  • The protagonist will go on an adventure to accomplish some goal or quest, facing many obstacles and challenges along the way that will test their courage and wit. This journey may provide clues about why they were summoned to this world.
  • There will be a mix of mystery, humor and suspense to keep readers engaged. Some questions from the first chapter may be answered, while new ones emerge.
  • The protagonist’s abilities and skills will start to develop in order to survive various threats. They may discover they have latent magical powers or a hero’s spirit within.
  • Romantic connections or subplots may form as the protagonist encounters characters they find attractive or share an emotional bond with. However, their main focus will remain on the quest at hand.
  • By the end of the chapter, the protagonist will have gone through transformative experiences that change them in meaningful ways. They may feel more confident in themselves and their role in this world. However, greater challenges surely still lie ahead!

The chapter should end on a cliffhanger that leaves you eager to find out what happens next in this exciting adventure. So get ready for an action-packed ride filled with mystery, humor, danger and self-discovery! The adventure in this parallel world is just getting started.


Well, there you have it – your first summoning to a parallel world complete with magic and mystery. No doubt this new world will continue to reveal itself to you in surprising ways as your journey unfolds. You’ve got a long road ahead, filled with fantastical creatures, dangerous encounters, and world-altering quests. Strap in, this is going to be one wild ride. But don’t worry, with some courage, wit, and maybe a little luck, you’ve got what it takes to navigate this strange new land. The portal is open and adventure calls – time to embark on the next chapter of discoveries in a world beyond your wildest imagination. Stay sharp and watch your back! The real adventure is just getting started.

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