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So you’ve been seeing this guy Spencer for a while now and things seem to be going great. The chemistry is there, the conversation flows easily, you have fun together – but there’s just one little problem. You’re really into him, but you can’t quite tell if the feeling is mutual. He hasn’t said those three little words yet and you’re worried he’s just stringing you along. Well, don’t stress, girl, we’ve got the perfect plan to find out if Spencer’s really into you or not. It’s time for a little jealousy plot to get the truth out of him once and for all. Make him see you’re a hot commodity and watch his reaction closely. By the end of this, you’ll know if it’s real love or just another short-term fling. Read on to find out how to make Spencer Bradley jealous and get the commitment you deserve!

Who Is Spencer Bradley and Why Does He Want to Make Him Jealous?

So who exactly is Spencer Bradley and why does he want to make him jealous? Spencer Bradley is your charming yet frustrating ex-boyfriend. You two dated for over a year until you broke up a few months ago. Even though you ended things, you still have feelings for Spencer. The chemistry and connection you shared was unlike anything else.

When you run into Spencer at a mutual friend’s party, you try your best to avoid him. But of course, he notices you right away. Spencer makes his way over, gives you a flirtatious smile and proceeds to chat you up like old times. At first, you think he genuinely wants to catch up, but it soon becomes clear Spencer’s true intentions are to make you jealous.

  • Spencer talks loudly about this new girl he’s been seeing, going into unnecessary detail about their dates and physical intimacy. He even has the audacity to check his phone for texts from her in front of you.
  • He asks prying questions about your love life, hoping to show you what you’re missing. When you say you’re not seeing anyone, the smug look on his face says it all.
  • Spencer finds little ways to touch your arm or brush up against you, hoping to spark those familiar feelings. His subtle touches bring back memories of the passionate nights you shared.

While a part of you still cares for Spencer, his manipulative behavior and jealousy tactics prove he hasn’t changed. You realize the healthiest thing to do is ignore his games, wish him the best, and walk away. You know you deserve so much better than someone who would use your emotions against you. Spencer had his chance, and now it’s time to move on for good.

Spencer’s Plan to Make Him Jealous – The Full Story

Spencer had a plan to make her ex, Mark, jealous and try to win him back. Here’s the full story:

The Setup

Spencer started by posting some shots on Instagram of her living her best life – out with friends, trying new hobbies, and traveling. She made sure to look extra cute in each photo. The goal was to show Mark what he was missing without seeming like she was doing it for his benefit.

The Date

A couple of weeks into her social media campaign, Spencer set up a date with a guy she knew Mark would feel threatened by – his friend James. She made sure Mark would find out about the date by “accidentally” posting a selfie with James and tagging their location. As expected, Mark immediately texted Spencer asking if she was on a date. Mission accomplished!

Staying Mysterious

To keep Mark on his toes, Spencer went silent on social media for a while and didn’t post any updates. This left Mark wondering what she was up to and who else she might be dating. Spencer’s plan was to make Mark realize how much better she was when they were together by reminding him of the fun they used to have.

Winning Him Back

A month after the initial breakup, Mark showed up at Spencer’s doorstep, admitting he made a mistake and wanted to get back together. Her plan had worked! By making Mark jealous, Spencer was able to win back the man of her dreams and start their relationship anew. Her advice? Don’t be afraid to make your ex a little jealous – it just might lead to a happy reunion!

Spencer’s Flirting, Social Media Posts, and Other Tactics

Flirting and posting on social media are two of the best ways to make Spencer jealous and win him back. Here are some tips to get his attention:

Flirt with Other Guys

Nothing ignites jealousy more than seeing you flirt with other guys. When you’re out with friends, chat up a cute guy at the bar or dance floor. Make eye contact, smile, laugh at his jokes and casually touch his arm. Spencer will notice, trust me. You can also like and comment on other guys’ social media posts. Just keep things light and casual – you want to make Spencer jealous, not start a new relationship!

Post Hot Selfies and OOTDs

Upload selfies of you looking your best, especially when out with friends. Post OOTDs (outfit of the days) in cute, flattering outfits. Make your posts public so Spencer sees them. This shows you’re confident and over him (even if you’re not!). Like and comment on the posts from your girlfriends to make it appear like you have an active social life without him.

Be Vague in Your Posts

Don’t post direct or obvious messages aimed at making Spencer jealous. Instead, be intentionally vague to keep him guessing. For example, post things like:

  • “Girls night out! So much fun with my favorites.”
  • “The perfect end to an amazing day.”
  • “Loving life!”

Let his imagination fill in the blanks. He’ll assume you were out flirting with other guys and wonder who the “favorite” friends are that you were with. The mystery will drive him crazy with jealousy and curiosity about what he’s missing out on.

Don’t Contact Him First

As much as you may want to call, text or message Spencer, don’t initiate contact. Wait for him to reach out to you first. When he does message you, keep things light, casual and somewhat aloof. Don’t spill details about your amazing new life without him. Make him work to get information from you and meet up in person. This shows you’re not sitting around waiting for him and are content on your own or seeing other people. His jealousy and desire to see you will intensify the longer you keep him at a distance.

How Spencer’s Ex Reacted – Did It Work?

So, did Spencer’s plan to make his ex jealous actually work? From the sounds of it, yes—and it worked even better than he expected.

His Ex Came Crawling Back

After seeing Spencer’s Instagram posts with the new girl, his ex started blowing up his phone with messages and calls, begging to get back together. Spencer had been hoping for maybe some likes or sad reacts on his posts, but he never imagined she would have such an extreme reaction. At first, he didn’t respond to her messages, trying to play it cool. But when she showed up at his door crying, he knew he had really struck a nerve.

His ex confessed she had made a huge mistake and wanted another chance. She said seeing him with someone else made her realize how much she missed him. Spencer was surprised by her reaction but also felt vindicated that his plan had worked. However, he was no longer interested in rekindling their relationship. Too much damage had been done, and he had realized they wanted different things.

Moving On For Good

Spencer told his ex in person that he appreciated her coming over but that it was too late. He had moved on, and she needed to as well. It was a hard conversation, but an important one to have to finally achieve closure. After she left, Spencer felt a mix of emotions—sadness over the end of their relationship but also relief and optimism for the future.

His experiment making his ex jealous had given him the confirmation he needed that ending things was the right choice. And though he was single again, he now felt free and empowered to find someone new when the time was right—someone who wanted the same things in life as he did and would treat him well. For now, Spencer was content focusing on himself, his friends, and living life on his own terms.

Lessons Learned – Does Making Someone Jealous Ever Work?

Making someone jealous is never a healthy tactic in a relationship and often backfires. Here are a few lessons learned from Spencer and Bradley’s story:

It breeds distrust

Playing manipulative games like making your partner jealous undermines the foundation of trust in your relationship. Bradley likely now wonders what else Spencer might do just to get a reaction out of him, even if it’s not real. Once trust is broken, it’s hard to rebuild.

It’s a sign of insecurity

People who make their partners jealous are usually dealing with their own insecurities and self-esteem issues. Rather than communicating directly, they act out to feel wanted or desired. Spencer would have been better served by talking to Bradley openly about her needs and concerns.

It often does more harm than good

Spencer’s ploy seriously damaged their relationship and caused Bradley anguish. While jealousy in small doses may be unavoidable and even add excitement, manipulating your partner’s emotions is unethical and will likely end up hurting you both in the end.

Honesty and communication are key

The healthiest relationships are based on mutual trust, honesty and communication. Rather than scheming to provoke a reaction, share how you genuinely feel and what you need from your partner. Compromise when you see the other person’s perspective. This approach builds closeness, while jealousy breeds contempt.

In the end, Spencer learned that if you have to make someone jealous to feel secure in the relationship, then it’s probably not the right relationship for you. The best partners accept you as you are and make you feel loved and valued without mind games or manipulation. Spencer deserves that kind of real, honest love – and so do you!


So there you have it, the full story of how Spencer Bradley expertly employed the jealousy plot twist to win back her ex. While manipulative, her tactics proved effective in making him realize what he was missing. The age-old adage rings true that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. By putting herself first and focusing on self-improvement, she increased her desirability and value. And by staying true to herself, she ensured that if he did come back, it would be for the right reasons. Her patience and perseverance paid off, proving that sometimes you have to lose love to find it again. So take a page from Spencer’s playbook – work on being your best self, embrace new opportunities, and the right person will notice. And if your ex comes crawling back, make sure they are deserving before you let them in again! You’ve got this.

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