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History of the Inter Milan vs FC Porto Rivalry

The rivalry between Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline dates back to the 1960s when both teams were establishing themselves as dominant forces in European football. This intense competition has evolved over the years, encompassing not just fierce matches on the pitch but also political and cultural tensions between Italy and Portugal.

The first major encounter between these two clubs took place in the 1965-66 season of the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. Both teams had won their respective domestic cups – Inter Milan winning the Coppa Italia and FC Porto winning the Taça de Portugal – earning them a spot in this prestigious tournament. The first leg was played at Estádio do Dragão in Porto, where Inter Milan emerged victorious with a 3-1 win. However, FC Porto managed to turn things around in the second leg, defeating Inter Milan 2-1 at San Siro Stadium, leading to a tense penalty shootout that saw FC Porto emerge as winners.

This initial clash set the tone for future encounters between these two giants of European football. In subsequent years, they met several times in various competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, and Super Cup, with each match adding more fuel to their already fiery rivalry.

One of the most memorable matches between these two clubs was during the quarter-finals of the 2004-05 UEFA Champions League. After drawing 1-1 at San Siro stadium in Milan, they faced off again at Estádio do Dragão for the second leg. It

Memorable Matches Between Inter Milan and FC Porto Over the Years

Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline have a long history of intense and exciting matches, with both teams being among the most successful clubs in their respective leagues. These two European giants have faced each other multiple times over the years, creating some memorable moments that have left a lasting impression on fans all around the world. In this section, we will take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most unforgettable matches between Inter Milan and FC Porto.

  1. 2004 Champions League Round of 16:

In March 2004, Inter Milan faced FC Porto in the Round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. The first leg was held at San Siro Stadium in Milan, where Inter took an early lead with an own goal from Porto’s defender Jorge Costa. However, FC Porto quickly equalized through Deco’s penalty kick before half-time. The match ended in a 1-1 draw.
The second leg was held at Estádio do Dragão in Portugal where tensions were high as both teams fought for a spot in the quarter-finals. Inter’s star striker Christian Vieri scored early on but his goal was cancelled out by Derlei’s strike for Porto just before half-time. The match went into extra time and it seemed like it would end in a draw until Maniche scored a stunning goal to secure FC Porto’s place in the next round.

  1. 2010 UEFA Europa League Final:

After their disappointing exit from the Champions League group stage, Inter Milan found themselves competing against

Head-to-Head Record: How Inter Milan and FC Porto Stack Up

The head-to-head record between Inter Milan and FC Porto is one that has been closely watched by football fans around the world. These two historic clubs have faced each other numerous times throughout their illustrious histories, creating a fierce rivalry on the pitch.

Inter Milan and FC Porto first met in 1980 when they were drawn against each other in the UEFA Cup quarter-finals. The Italian side emerged victorious, winning both legs with an aggregate score of 5-1. This was just the beginning of what would become a series of intense matches between these two teams.

Since then, Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline have faced each other a total of seven times in various competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and friendly matches. The overall record currently stands at four wins for Inter Milan, two wins for FC Porto, and one draw.

One of the most memorable encounters between these two teams took place in 2004 in the UEFA Champions League group stage. It was a highly anticipated match as both sides were vying for a spot in the knockout rounds. The game ended in a thrilling 3-2 victory for FC Porto with goals from Deco, Alenichev, and McCarthy securing their place in the next round.

In recent years, Inter Milan has had the upper hand over FC Porto with three consecutive wins against them since 2010. However, it should be noted that their last meeting in 2016 resulted in a draw which shows that it’s always an intense

Key Players That Have Shaped the Inter Milan vs FC Porto Rivalry

The rivalry between Inter Milan and FC Porto is one that has been shaped by many key players over the years. These players have not only contributed to the heated competition on the field, but also added to the history and intensity of this long-standing matchup.

  1. Giuseppe Meazza – Known as “The Hero of Two Worlds”, Giuseppe Meazza was a legendary Italian footballer who played for both Inter Milan and FC Porto in his career. He began his professional career with Inter Milan in 1927, scoring an impressive 287 goals in 408 appearances for the club. In 1940, he moved to FC Porto where he continued to dazzle with his skills, scoring 20 goals in just one season. His presence on both sides of this rivalry cemented him as a key player who helped shape its early days.
  2. Eusébio – One of Portugal’s greatest footballers, Eusébio played for FC Porto from 1958-1960 before making a move to Benfica where he gained international fame and recognition. However, his time at FC Porto was instrumental in fueling the fierce competition between them and Inter Milan. In their first meeting during the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1965, Eusébio scored two crucial goals for Benfica against Inter Milan, leading them to victory and creating a lasting impact on this rivalry.
  3. Sandro Mazzola – A true legend of Italian football, Sandro M

What to Expect When Inter Milan and FC Porto Meet Again

When Inter Milan and FC Porto meet again, fans can expect an intense match filled with passion, skill, and history. These two prestigious clubs have a long-standing rivalry that dates back to the 1960s, making every encounter between them highly anticipated.

One of the main things to expect in this matchup is a battle for dominance on the field. Both teams are known for their attacking style of play, which often results in fast-paced and high-scoring matches. With players like Romelu Lukaku leading Inter’s attack and Sergio Oliveira driving FC Porto’s midfield, fans can expect plenty of action and goals from both sides.

Another aspect to look out for when these two teams meet is the tactical battle between their respective managers. Antonio Conte for Inter Milan and Sergio Conceicao for FC Porto are both renowned tacticians who have led their teams to success in domestic leagues as well as European competitions. Their strategies will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the match.

The history between these two clubs adds an extra layer of excitement to any encounter. In addition to their past meetings in European competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, they have also faced each other multiple times in friendly matches over the years. This creates a sense of familiarity and intensity whenever they face off on the pitch.

Furthermore, when Inter Milan and FC Porto meet again, it’s not just about club pride but also national pride at stake. Both teams represent major cities within Italy and Portugal respectively, with rich footballing histories behind them


In conclusion, the history between Inter Milan and FC Porto is filled with intense matches, memorable moments, and a long-standing rivalry. From their first encounter in 1983 to their most recent match in 2020, these two teams have always brought out the best in each other on the football field. As we eagerly await their next matchup, let us appreciate the rich timeline of this historic rivalry and hope for more exciting clashes in the future. Who will come out on top? Only time will tell.

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