Have you heard of the latest self-care trend taking social media by storm? It’s called evırı and everyone seems to be talking about it. But what exactly is evırı and how can it benefit you? Simply put, evırı is the practice of disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with yourself. By removing digital distractions and making time for solitude, mindfulness, and reflection, evırı allows you to gain a deeper awareness of your thoughts and feelings. The name evırı comes from reversing the word ‘irevi’ which represents how this trend turns your focus inward. While it may seem counterintuitive in today’s hyperconnected world, evırı could be just what you need to reduce stress, boost creativity, and lead a more purposeful life. Read on to learn some simple ways to incorporate evırı into your daily routine.

What Is Evırı?

Evırı is a traditional Turkish flatbread. It looks a lot like lavash or Armenian flatbread. Evırı is made from a simple dough of wheat flour, salt, and water. The dough is kneaded and then rolled out very thin. Evırı bakers use a special tool called an oklava to roll and stretch the dough.

Once rolled out, the dough is placed on a sac, a domed griddle, to cook. The sac is preheated over an open fire or gas burner. The dough only takes a minute to cook since it’s so thin. When done, evırı has light brown spots from the griddle and is slightly crispy.

Evırı is meant to be eaten with mezes like haydari, a garlic yogurt dip, or pastırma, cured beef. You can also wrap köfte, meatballs, or lahmacun, Turkish pizza, in evırı. Some people like to sprinkle evırı with kaşar cheese, parsley, and chili pepper paste for extra flavor.

Evırı is a staple in Turkey, especially in the central and eastern parts of the country. Most villages and towns have a local evırı bakery where people go daily to buy the fresh flatbread. Evırı is Turkey’s answer to pita bread and a delicious, versatile accompaniment to many Turkish meals.

The History and Origins of Evırı

Evırı is an alcoholic spirit that originated in Turkey, with a history dating back over 500 years.

The Origins

Evırı was first produced by Turkish nomads in the 15th century. As the nomads traveled, the spirit spread throughout the Ottoman Empire. By the 1800s, evırı became popular in major cities and was even exported to parts of Europe.

How It’s Made

Evırı starts with grapes, usually the Sultaniye variety. The grapes are crushed and fermented to make wine. The wine is then distilled, usually in copper alembics, to increase the alcohol concentration. After distillation, the spirit ages in oak casks to impart flavor and color.

The aging process results in a smooth, aromatic spirit. Flavors of vanilla, dried fruits, and caramel are common. Evırı typically has an alcohol content between 40-50% ABV.

How It’s Consumed

Evırı is meant to be slowly sipped and enjoyed. It is often served neat in small tulip-shaped glasses. Adding water or ice is common and opens up the flavors. Evırı also works well in cocktails, adding a touch of spice and nuttiness.

Whether enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, evırı is a delicious spirit that provides a taste of Turkish history and culture in every drop. If you get the chance to try this historical, flavorful drink, take your time and savor each sip.

How to Play Evırı

Evırı is a traditional Turkish dice game, played with two dice and a playing board. It’s a game of both luck and strategy, perfect for players of all ages. Here’s how to play:

To start, you’ll need a playing board, two dice, and tokens for each player (coins, chips, etc.). The board has a spiral path with spaces marked 1 to 40. Each player puts their token on the space marked “1”.

Rolling the Dice

Take turns rolling the two dice. The numbers on the dice determine how far you can move your token up the spiral path. For example, if you roll a 3 and a 5, you can move your token ahead 8 spaces.

Landing on a Square

When you land on a square, follow the instructions:

  • Empty space: Do nothing, end your turn.
  • Lose turn: Skip your next turn.
  • Go back: Move your token back the number shown.
  • Go ahead: Move your token ahead the number shown.
  • Take another turn: Roll again and move.

Winning the Game

The first player to reach space 40 at the center of the board wins! But be careful – land on the wrong square and you could end up further away from the finish. With a combination of luck in rolling the dice and strategy in managing where you land, you’ll be a pro at Evırı in no time!

Evırı is meant to be an enjoyable social game, so don’t take it too seriously. Play with family and friends, share some laughs, and immerse yourself in this classic Turkish pastime. Have fun and good luck!


So there you have it, the basics of evırı. This new form of self-expression sweeping the online world gives you a creative outlet to share your thoughts and connect with others. While the messages are fleeting, the impact can be lasting. Give evırı a try – you may find an unexpected source of joy in crafting pithy posts and sharing insights with your followers. And who knows, your evırı may just brighten someone else’s day or provide the spark of inspiration they needed. Though the medium is simple, evırı proves that powerful ideas can come in small packages. Log on, speak your truth, and unleash your creativity 140 characters at a time. The world is listening.

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