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Ever wonder how Club América and Deportivo Toluca became such heated rivals? Their rivalry goes way back, over 100 years of history between Mexico’s two most successful football clubs. As an Americanista or Diablo fan, you’re probably very familiar with the passion and drama of these matches. But do you know how it all began? This timeline takes you through the key events that built up the superclásico – from their first match in 1917 through the many championships and controversies that have fueled the fire over the decades. Get ready to relive the thrills and heartbreaks, the victories and defeats that have shaped this legendary football rivalry. The countdown to their next big match starts now!

The History of the Rivalry Between Club América and Deportivo Toluca

The rivalry between Club América and Deportivo Toluca is one of the most intense in Mexican football. It began in the early 1900s and has spanned over 100 competitive matches so far.

The Early Years (1900s-1950s)

In the early days of Mexican football, Club América and Deportivo Toluca frequently competed against each other. The first official match between them was in 1917, with América winning 3-2. Over the following decades, the teams alternated between victories, draws and defeats in Liga MX and cup matches.

The Golden Age (1960s-1980s)

The 1960s through 1980s were a golden era for the rivalry. During this time, América and Toluca won a combined 7 league titles and frequently finished near the top of the table. Matches between them were fiercely contested, passionate affairs that sometimes ended in brawls between players and fans. This era cemented the rivalry in Mexican football folklore.

Recent Years (1990s-Present)

In recent times, the rivalry has remained intense but less violent. América has had more success, winning 8 league titles since 1990 compared to just 2 for Toluca. However, many matches are still closely fought, like the thrilling 4-3 victory for Toluca in 2018 and América’s 5-3 aggregate win in the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League semi-finals.

The long, complex history between Club América and Deportivo Toluca has created one of the most bitter yet compelling rivalries in Mexican sport. Their passionate fans and competitive matches have provided many memorable moments over the past century. This rivalry is sure to continue for many more years to come.

Memorable Moments Between the Clubs Over the Years

Some of the most memorable moments between Club América and Deportivo Toluca F.C. over the years:

The first official match (1967)

The first official match between América and Toluca was played on March 12, 1967, as part of the 1967 Copa México tournament. América won 2-0 at the Estadio Azteca. This marked the beginning of the rivalry.

Toluca’s first win (1968)

It took Toluca over a year to gain their first victory over América. On June 9, 1968, Toluca triumphed 1-0 at their home stadium, Estadio Nemesio Díez. The single goal was scored by Salvador Reyes.

América’s thrashing of Toluca (1975)

One of América’s largest victories over Toluca came in a 6-1 triumph on November 23, 1975. América’s Enrique Borja and Carlos Alberto Reinoso each scored a hat trick in the rout at the Estadio Azteca.

The brawl (2003)

A match on August 24, 2003 turned ugly when a brawl erupted between the teams in the 87th minute. The fight lasted several minutes and resulted in 9 red cards (5 for América and 4 for Toluca). The match was abandoned with América leading 2-1.

Over the decades, América and Toluca have developed an intense rivalry filled with passion, drama, and memorable moments. Their rivalry is considered one of the greatest in Mexican football. More thrills and excitement are surely in store when these two powerhouses of the Liga MX face off.

Key Players That Defined the Rivalry

Over the years, several key players have defined the fierce rivalry between Club América and Deportivo Toluca. Some were fan favorites, others polarizing figures, but all left an indelible mark on this historic matchup.

Osvaldo Sánchez (América, 1992-2004; Toluca, 2004-2018)

The legendary goalkeeper known as “San Osvaldo” spent over 20 years defending the nets for both clubs. His transfer from América to Toluca in 2004 stunned fans and added fuel to the rivalry. Despite the move, Sánchez’s acrobatic saves and charismatic style made him a fan favorite for both sets of supporters.

Vicente Matías Vuoso (América, 2000-2006; Toluca, 2007-2010)

Another controversial transfer was striker Vicente Vuoso, whose 86 goals make him América’s third all-time top scorer. After six successful seasons with Las Águilas, Vuoso surprised many by joining rival Toluca in 2007. His subsequent success with Los Diablos Rojos, including winning two titles, cemented his status as a villain in América fans’ eyes.

Rubens Sambueza (Toluca, 2008-2014; América, 2015-2018)

The charismatic and skillful midfielder Sambueza won three titles and scored over 50 goals during six seasons with Toluca. His 2015 transfer to América was equally surprising and frustrating for Toluca fans. Sambueza’s creativity and passion for the club endeared him to América supporters, who relished chanting his name during matches against his former team.

Many other players, coaches, and managers have switched between or spent memorable seasons with América and Toluca. Their contributions, triumphs and controversies have shaped the rich history of this classic Mexican rivalry, destined to inspire passion in fans for years to come.

Notable Recent Matches Between Club América and Deportivo Toluca

Some of the most memorable recent matches between Club América and Deportivo Toluca have been absolute thrillers. These fierce rivals have gone head to head in several key tournaments over the past decade.

2019 Liga MX Apertura Semifinals

The second leg of the semifinals in 2019 was a clash for the ages. América came into the match up 2-1 on aggregate, needing only a draw to advance to the final. Toluca scored early and tensions were high. Late in the match, América equalized to send it to extra time. Two more goals in extra time saw América win 4-2 to take the series. The victory was all the sweeter as it came at Toluca’s Estadio Nemesio Díez.

2018 Liga MX Clausura Final

This final came down to the wire, with América winning by the slimmest of margins. The first leg in Mexico City finished 0-0. In the second leg, a single goal from América’s Mateus Uribe in the 87th minute was enough to give Las Águilas their 13th league title. The triumph denied Toluca their 11th championship and added another chapter to the rivalry.

2017 Liga MX Apertura Liguilla

These opponents faced off in the quarterfinals, with América coming out on top by an aggregate score of 4-3 over the two legs. The series was packed with drama, featuring two penalty kicks, a red card, and late game heroics from América’s Silvio Romero. The victory for América meant they would go on to win the Apertura title that season.

The matches between Club América and Deportivo Toluca are always entertaining, hard-fought affairs with championships and bragging rights on the line. Their storied rivalry continues to produce moments of magic, agony and everything in between for fans on both sides. With more finals and playoff encounters surely on the horizon, this classic Liga MX rivalry shows no signs of losing intensity.

What to Expect When the Teams Meet Again

The next time Club América and Deportivo Toluca F.C. meet, expect an intense match with high stakes. These longtime rivals will be battling for positioning in the league table and bragging rights.

A Clash of Styles

Club América employs an aggressive attacking style, looking to press forward and score early. They rely on speed, skill, and creativity to break down opponents. Deportivo Toluca prefers a more defensive counterattacking style, absorbing pressure before launching quick strikes on the break. They are well organized at the back and look to frustrate opponents, waiting to pounce on mistakes.

Familiar Faces, New Challenges

While the players on each team change over time, the passion of the fans and desire to defeat the rival remains the same. Many players have switched between the two clubs over the years, adding extra motivation to get one over on their former team. The managers will need to adapt their tactics to any new additions.

High Drama is Expected

With tensions high and pride on the line, drama is inevitable. Players may resort to theatrics to gain an edge, emotions may boil over, and refereeing decisions will come under intense scrutiny. The stadium will be rocking, and a single goal could change the complexion of the entire match.

Points and Positioning at Stake

Beyond the rivalry, three points are up for grabs. A win could see one team leapfrog the other in the league table with major implications on the title race and qualification for continental competitions. Expect both teams to go all out for the win, despite the rivalry and history between them.

The next meeting between Club América and Deportivo Toluca F.C. is sure to provide entertainment and excitement. While the result is unknown, one thing is for certain—passion will be on full display.


The over 100 years of history between Club América and Deportivo Toluca is filled with thrilling matches, bitter rivalries, and passionate fans. This timeline just scratches the surface of the rich stories behind some of the most significant games and events in the clubs’ histories. As the two winningest clubs in Liga MX, their rivalry is sure to continue producing memorable moments for generations to come. Whether you’re an Águilas or Diablos Rojos supporter, there’s no denying that matches between these two juggernauts are always must-watch football. The decades of history shared between them prove that this rivalry is truly one for the ages.

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