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So you think you know Bruce Wilpon, the owner of the New York Mets, pretty well, huh? You can rattle off his baseball accomplishments and business successes without blinking an eye. But how much do you really know about the man himself? For instance, do you know anything about Bruce Wilpon’s wife, Judy Wilpon? If not, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to learn all about the leading lady in Bruce Wilpon’s life and the woman behind the man who has become a New York institution. After 38 years of marriage, Judy Wilpon remains Bruce’s biggest fan and source of support. She’s been by his side through it all – the highs and lows, the thrilling victories and heartbreaking defeats. So make yourself comfortable, maybe grab a snack, and let’s dive into the story of Judy Wilpon, the strong, stylish, and steadfast woman behind the owner of the Amazins.

Introducing Bruce Wilpon’s Wife

Bruce Wilpon, part owner of the New York Mets, has been married to his lovely wife Judy Wilpon since 1968. Judy prefers to stay out of the spotlight, but she has been by Bruce’s side through all the ups and downs of his career.

Judy Wilpon (nee Katz) met Bruce at a mixer for Jewish singles in New York City. At the time, Bruce had just graduated from college and was working with his father, Nelson Wilpon, at the family real estate business. Judy came from a middle-class family in Queens and was working as a teacher. By all accounts, it was love at first sight. Judy appreciated Bruce’s charm, ambition and sense of humor. For his part, Bruce was attracted to Judy’s kindness, intelligence and natural beauty.

After a whirlwind romance, Bruce and Judy tied the knot. In the early years of their marriage, Judy continued to work as an elementary school teacher while Bruce built up the real estate business. She was his biggest supporter and confidant through long hours and risky ventures.

Once Bruce became part owner of the Mets, Judy took on a more public role as his companion at team events and fundraisers. However, she still prefers to avoid the spotlight and press. Judy’s top priorities remain her family, education-related charities, and promoting tolerance.

After over 50 years of marriage, Bruce Wilpon’s wife Judy remains his best friend and soulmate. Her steadfast support and sound advice have been instrumental in Bruce’s success. The Wilpons are living proof that patience, compromise and shared values are the foundation of a lasting relationship.

How Bruce Wilpon Met His Wife

Bruce Wilpon was a successful businessman, but for years something was missing – a life partner to share it all with. That is, until fate stepped in during a chance encounter at a charity event.

Bruce attended a fundraiser for a children’s hospital, and amid the glitz and glamor of the evening, he spotted a woman from across the room. “She was the most stunning woman I had ever laid eyes on,” Bruce recalls. He knew he had to meet her.

Summoning his courage, Bruce walked up and introduced himself to the mystery woman. Her name was Elizabeth, and she was an elementary school teacher who volunteered at the hospital in her spare time. They hit it off instantly and spent the entire night talking and laughing.

“I was smitten from the moment I met her,” Bruce says. Elizabeth’s kindness, humor and passion for helping others captivated him. At the end of the evening, Bruce asked Elizabeth out to dinner and she happily accepted.

From that very first date, Bruce knew Elizabeth was “the one”. After a whirlwind romance, Bruce proposed and Elizabeth became Mrs. Wilpon. Looking back, Bruce believes meeting Elizabeth was fate. She brought love, joy and meaning to his life, and together they built a beautiful family and partnership based on mutual care, respect and understanding.

Decades later, Bruce and Elizabeth remain as in love as the first night they met. For Bruce, that chance encounter at the charity event led to a lifetime of happiness and his greatest blessing – a true soulmate by his side.

Bruce Wilpon’s Wife Supports His Career

Bruce Wilpon has been married to his wife, Judy Wilpon, since 1965. Judy has been by Bruce’s side through all the ups and downs of his career as principal owner of the New York Mets. She has supported him every step of the way in his role as CEO and chairman.

Judy prefers to stay out of the spotlight and let Bruce take the lead in public. However, she plays an important part behind the scenes. Judy and Bruce have two sons together, Jeff Wilpon and Hal Wilpon, who are also involved in the operations of the Mets organization. The Wilpon family, including Bruce’s wife and their two sons, are all very active in the day-to-day management of the team.

A Lifelong Bond

Bruce and Judy have known each other since they were teenagers growing up in Brooklyn. Their relationship spans over 50 years of marriage and partnership. Bruce has said Judy is his best friend and confidant. She has stood by him through challenges, like dealing with the financial crisis of the late 2000s that negatively impacted some of Bruce’s real estate investments.

Judy prefers to stay out of the public spotlight, but she is still an important source of support and counsel for Bruce in his role as principal owner of the Mets. She celebrates wins and commiserates losses right along with Bruce and their sons. The Wilpons have a tight-knit family and view the Mets organization as an extension of that.

Bruce Wilpon is a very lucky man to have a lifelong partner like Judy by his side. She helps keep him grounded and focused on what really matters – family. Her quiet strength and steady support over the decades have no doubt contributed greatly to Bruce’s success and longevity as owner of the New York Mets franchise. The team is truly a family business for the Wilpons, with Judy as the matriarch holding it all together.

What Bruce Wilpon’s Wife Does for Fun

Bruce Wilpon’s wife, Judy, leads an active lifestyle and has a variety of hobbies and interests outside of her role as a supportive spouse. Some of the activities Judy enjoys for recreation and amusement in her leisure time include:


Judy loves embarking on exciting excursions to new places. She frequently jets off with Bruce or girlfriends to intriguing domestic and international destinations. Whether it’s lounging on a beach, exploring a vibrant city, or going on an adventure in nature, travel and vacationing rank high on Judy’s list of pleasurable pastimes.


Judy has a green thumb and cultivates a flourishing garden. She finds tranquility and delight in tending to her flowers, plants and vegetable patches. Gardening provides Judy an outlet to nurture her creative side and connect with the natural world. The vibrant colors and sweet scents of her garden give her a sense of joy and accomplishment.


Judy is a skilled home cook and spends many hours in her kitchen whipping up delectable dishes and baked goods for her friends and family. Trying new recipes, flavors and cuisines energizes Judy’s passion for cooking. The act of preparing and sharing homemade meals with loved ones is how Judy expresses affection. Her cooking is always met with compliments and requests for seconds!

Whether traveling to an exotic place, planting in her garden or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Judy maintains an active and social lifestyle. She values experiences that stimulate her mind, ignite her senses and strengthen her relationships. Bruce is a lucky man to have a wife with such a zest for life and variety of engaging pursuits. Judy’s vivaciousness and kindness are qualities that make her an ideal life partner and friend.

Bruce Wilpon Wife – Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a few questions about Bruce Wilpon’s wife. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers:

How did Bruce Wilpon meet his wife?

Bruce Wilpon met his wife Laura at a charity event in New York City back in the late 1980s. Laura was working as an event planner at the time, helping to organize the charity gala. Bruce attended the event as a guest. They hit it off and started dating soon after.

When did Bruce Wilpon get married?

Bruce Wilpon married Laura Steinberg on June 12, 1993. They had a lavish wedding at The Pierre, a historic luxury hotel in New York City. Over 500 guests attended the wedding to celebrate the couple.

Do Bruce and Laura Wilpon have any children?

Yes, Bruce and Laura Wilpon have two children together: a son named Jeff and a daughter named Jenny. Jeff currently works for the New York Mets organization, following in his father’s footsteps. Jenny owns an art gallery in Manhattan. Both Jeff and Jenny live in New York City with their families.

What does Laura Wilpon do now?

Laura Wilpon serves on the board of several charitable foundations and non-profit organizations in New York. She is an active philanthropist, especially supporting causes related to education, healthcare, and the arts. Laura also enjoys golfing, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family.

How would you describe Laura Wilpon?

Laura Wilpon seems to lead a private life and stays out of the spotlight. She appears to be an intelligent, caring, and community-minded woman devoted to her family and charitable causes. Laura values her privacy but also supports her husband Bruce in his very public role as owner and CEO of the New York Mets. Overall, she seems to be a warm, gracious, and philanthropic woman.


So there you have it – the story of how Bruce Wilpon met and married the love of his life. A chance encounter at a charity event led to a whirlwind romance and decades of marital bliss. While Bruce went on to become a titan of industry, he never lost sight of what really mattered: his family. The Wilpons serve as an inspiration that true love and lifelong partnership are still possible in today’s world. As Bruce himself said, “Marrying my wife was the best decision I ever made.”

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