Have you ever struggled to keep your students engaged during review lessons? As an educator, finding ways to make learning fun and exciting is key. That’s why you need to know about Blooket – the perfect review game for any subject. Blooket is a free game-based learning platform that lets you create fun multiple-choice questions for your students. With Blooket, you can turn any review topic into an interactive gaming experience. Your students will actually beg for review sessions when they find out you’re using Blooket! This online review tool has a variety of game modes like gold rush, survival, and team mode to keep kids on the edge of their seats. Blooket supports questions for math, science, language arts, history, and more. Fire up your projector and get ready for the most entertaining review your students have ever had. Blooket will transform your classroom into a game show, and your students into eager contestants.

What Is Blooket?

Blooket is a fun review game platform for any K-12 subject. Teachers can create interactive question sets to help students study in an engaging way.

What Subjects Does Blooket Cover?

Blooket offers question sets for math, science, English, history, and more. Some of the specific topics include:

  • Fractions, decimals, multiplication, algebra, geometry for math
  • Cells, human body, chemistry, physics for science
  • Grammar, reading comprehension, spelling for English
  • US history, world history for social studies

Teachers can create their own question sets or use pre-made ones. The platform provides thousands of questions and is constantly adding more.

How Does Blooket Work?

Blooket is a game-based learning site. Teachers assign question sets to their students, who then review the material by playing games. Some options include:

  1. Gold Quest – Students answer questions to earn gold and buy gear for their avatar.
  2. Space Race – A timed game where students blast through space, landing on planets to answer questions.
  3. Factory – Students produce goods and expand their factory empire by answering questions correctly.

The games make studying fun and keep students engaged. Teachers can track student progress, scores, and answers to see who may need extra help.

Blooket is a perfect tool for formative assessment and a great alternative to traditional worksheets. With interactive games and real-time data, Blooket turns review into an adventure. What student wouldn’t want to study that way?

How Teachers Can Use Blooket for Review

As a teacher, Blooket is an incredibly useful tool for reviewing material with your students in an engaging way. Here are a few ways you can utilize Blooket in your classroom:

Live Games

Play live games with your students to review topics you’ve covered in class. Choose from game modes like Quiz Show, Gold Quest, and Rush. Students will have fun competing to answer questions correctly and earn points. The live leaderboards keep things exciting! These fast-paced games are perfect for reinforcing key concepts and identifying areas that need review.

Assign Games for Homework

Create review games in Blooket and assign them as homework for your students. They can play independently to practice the material at their own pace. See reports to track their progress and identify concepts that need reteaching. Students will actually look forward to doing their homework!

Study Sets

Build study sets in Blooket for students to practice. Include questions for important terms, concepts, dates, formulas, etc. Students can use the study sets to actively review and prepare for tests. Gage their understanding and see which questions they struggle with. Then focus your teaching on those topics.

Reports and Analytics

Blooket provides useful reports and analytics so you can see how your students are performing. View individual student progress, see which questions were most challenging, identify concepts that need review, and more. The data can inform your teaching and help students achieve mastery of the materials.

Blooket is a game-changer for learning in the classroom. Engage your students in reviewing and help them succeed with this powerful tool.

Top Blooket Game Types for Engaging Students

Blooket offers several interactive game modes that can reinforce any topic or subject in an engaging way. Here are three of the top game types for lively student review sessions:

Race Mode

In Race Mode, students compete to answer questions correctly and advance their race car on a track. This fast-paced game mode works well for quick reviews of facts or vocabulary terms. Students stay on their toes trying to get their vehicle across the finish line first. The competitive element makes it exciting while still being educational.

Survival Mode

If you want to encourage collaboration, Survival Mode is ideal. Students work together in teams to answer questions and stay alive on a desert island. Each incorrect answer causes the team’s survival meter to drop, so team members have to communicate to determine the best choice for each question. This game mode is perfect for reviewing concepts and problem-solving skills.

Quiz Show

For a fun twist on traditional multiple-choice quizzes, Quiz Show recreates the suspense of classic game shows. Students compete to answer a series of multiple-choice questions, with prizes and point values increasing with each new question. This game mode works for reviewing nearly any topic or concept, from math formulas to historical events. The game show format makes learning feel more exciting and less tedious for students.

With interactive and engaging game modes like these, Blooket transforms review sessions into an enjoyable experience for students. They won’t even realize how much they’re learning and retaining while they play! Blooket allows you to import your own content and questions, so you can tailor games to your students’ needs. Why not give Blooket a try for your next review? Your students will thank you.


So there you have it, Blooket is an easy to use game-based learning platform that can transform how you review any topic with your students. Give it a try – you’ve got nothing to lose and so much engagement and fun to gain. Your students will thank you for it and you’ll wonder how you ever reviewed content without it. This free resource is a win-win for teachers and students alike. What are you waiting for? Create your first game board and quiz today and get your class excited about learning in a whole new way. Blooket – learn, play, grow!

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