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Alright, so you’ve heard about Blooket, the fun educational game platform for students, and now you want to get in on the action. To play Blooket games, you need to join a game with a game code provided by your teacher. Don’t worry, it’s easy to do and this guide will show you the steps. In just a few minutes, you’ll be competing against your classmates and learning at the same time.

What Is Blooket and How to Play

Blooket is a fun game-based learning platform used by over 5 million students and teachers worldwide. To join in the fun, here’s how it works:

Create an account

Head to and click ‘Sign up’ to create your free account. Enter your name, email, and a password to get started. Once logged in, you can join live games using game codes provided by your teacher.

Game options

Blooket offers team-based games like Gold Quest, Tower Defense, and Factory, as well as solo player games like Aquarium, Speed Match, and Snake. In team games, work with your classmates to build defenses, collect gold, or manufacture products. Solo games let you race against the clock to make matches, feed fish, or navigate a snake.

Earning rewards

As you play, you’ll earn rewards like gems, tokens, and stickers which can be used to customize your avatar or unlock game upgrades and powerups. The more you play, the more rewards you can earn!

Blooket is an engaging way for students of all ages to build skills in math, reading, science, and more. Whether competing with friends or going solo, Blooket makes learning fun for everyone. Talk to your teacher today about using Blooket for lessons and activities. Game on!

Joining Blooket Games With Game Codes

To join a game of Blooket using a game code, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to and select “Join Game”.
  2. Enter the game code provided by your teacher or game host. Game codes will typically be 4 to 6 digits long.
  3. Select your avatar and username. Choose an avatar that represents you and a username that is fun but appropriate.
  4. Wait for the game host to start the round. Once the round begins, follow the on-screen prompts to play! Each Blooket game works a bit differently, so pay attention to how each game is played.
  5. Play through all the rounds until the end of the game. Most Blooket games consist of multiple short rounds. Do your best in each round to earn coins and move up in the leaderboard!

Between rounds, you’ll see your stats for that round including how many questions you got right, how many coins you earned, and your leaderboard position. Don’t get too competitive though, Blooket games are meant to be fun!

If you have additional questions about how to join and play Blooket games, ask your teacher or game host. They will be able to provide more details and guidance to help you become a Blooket pro in no time. Joining in on the fun is easy, so get your game face on and let the rounds begin!

Blooket Game Mode Overview and Tips

Blooket offers several fun game modes to play. Here are quick overviews and tips for the most popular ones:

Gold Quest

In this RPG-style adventure, you explore a map to collect gold and battle enemies. Each student controls an avatar to gain XP and level up. Tips:

-Focus on gathering gold coins at first to buy better gear before battling tough enemies.

-Team up with other students to defeat bosses and gain more XP.

-Look for secret paths and treasures.

Tower Defense

Set up defenses to protect your base from an onslaught of enemies. You place towers that automatically shoot at incoming creatures. Tips:

-Place slowing and splash damage towers at chokepoints where lots of enemies converge.

-Upgrade your towers to make them more powerful.

-Don’t let too many enemies leak through or your base will take damage.

Blooket Battle Royale

This battle arena mode pits you against other players. Collect weapons and power-ups to defeat your opponents. Last player standing wins! Tips:

-Grab a weapon as soon as you spawn in. Melee weapons like swords are good for starting out.

-Look for health potions, shields, and damage boosts to gain an advantage.

-Try to ambush other players or attack from a distance. Close combat can be risky!

Blooket has a game mode for every interest. Try them all out and see which ones you enjoy! You can also set time limits, choose specific games, and adjust other options to customize the experience for your students. Most importantly, have fun playing!


So there you have it – everything you need to know to get started playing Blooket. Now that you’ve got your game code and figured out how to join a game, you’re ready to start competing against friends or playing solo. With so many game modes to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to test your knowledge with Quiz or put those problem-solving skills to work in Factory, Blooket has you covered. The best part is, it’s all free to play and compatible with the devices you already own. What are you waiting for? Go join a game and start playing – your new favorite educational game is just a game code away!

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